Things to Know About Ceiling and Wall Texture

Oct 11, 2020

If you love it, you love it, if you hate it you hate it-there seems to be no middle ground with ceiling and wall texture. If you have texture in your house and are not a fan, there are affordable and relatively painless ways to remove it and go to a smooth surface. If you want to add a texture ceiling some place for accent or acoustic purposes, again, it’s no big deal. Here, we will answer some common questions surrounding textured walls and ceilings.

Is texture popular in Pennsylvania?

The short answer is, no. Tradesman Construction gets more customers inquiring about how to get rid of texture than asking for it. If you are thinking about resale value, you may want to steer away from it. Texture IS really good when trying to reinforce a theme (medieval or old west, for example) and is also good for reducing the echo where acoustics are a concern. Texture is also used in high traffic areas such as restaurants and commercial spaces.

What does texture cost compared to a smooth wall?

Most texture does cost more than a smooth wall finish. It also takes more paint to get a good finish over texture, so that is something to include in your cost calculations. Texture is especially good for covering imperfections (in an old house renovation for example) and in that instance may be more cost effective than a repair and smooth wall finish would be.

I have a stain or defect in my textured ceiling, how do I fix it?

Repairing texture is quite a challenge and not to be undertaken by the faint of heart. Since every texture is unique (based on the consistency of the compound, drying conditions, style of the texture and preferences of the installer) the first step is studying the existing texture carefully, recreating all the variables listed above and making a plan to match them. Then the installer should experiment with different mixtures and application methods to find an exact match. Only after finding a near perfect match should the offending area be removed, repaired and retextured.

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Back at the office, texture expert Donald is working hard to find the perfect combination of compound consistency and technique to create a match for a texture repair project.

A ceiling texture we matched


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