How Can Contractors Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel?

Oct 28, 2020

When looking for a contractor for your project, it is important that you hire one who will maintain an orderly jobsite. Ask the contractor about their jobsite cleaning plans.

Designate one doorway to be used for an entryway and exit.


When projects involve drywall dust or sawdust, contractors should use plastic barriers, door covers, or Zipwall dust barrier systems. They should also consider paint-safe tape to seal the seams in the plastic sheets.

Remove everything in the room you can do without. To keep furniture clean, use furniture covers.

Workers should always ask if they can walk around in their shoes. Shoe and boot covers can be found in most hardware stores.

If a room is not being worked on, but will be used for foot traffic, use canvas, tarp, or carpet scraps to make a path. This will prevent a contractor from tracking mud and dust throughout the home. For floor protection in the construction zone, especially when working on hardwood floors, it is best to use a heavy duty surface protection such as ‘X-Paper.’


Note the location of vents, electronic sound systems, and airflow, as drywall dust will travel. Cover HVAC vents with plastic if needed. Also keep in mind that operating an HVAC system with restricted airflow may cause damage to it. In this case, cover registers with pre-filters. Drive dust outside with air movers and fans.

Ensure that house pets do not enter the construction zone or high dust areas of the home.

Contractors should protect surfaces that will be used as a ‘tool bench.’ This may include taping cardboard onto countertops and tables. They should be mindful of all aspects of their work area. For example, if working on walls around a tub, it is best to lay protection on the floor of the tub (cardboard/ plastic covers or paint-on alternatives).

Workmen should clean up and stack scrap and debris at the end of every workday to ensure a safe work environment and minimal trip hazards. If the workers do not clean and sweep up at the end of their workday, you may want to ask them to do so. Vacuuming is especially helpful when the construction involves dust. Once a project is complete, all remaining materials should be removed, and floors swept and mopped if necessary.


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