Construction Supply Chain

May 13, 2021

“Supply chain issues have become a real challenge in 2021.  Between the storm in Texas knocking out critical component factories, folks being unwilling or unable to work amidst health concerns and the unleashing of pent-up demand for construction services, the entire industry is grappling with long and unpredictable lead times.

At both of our Tradesman Building Group companies (Tradesman Construction and Tradesman Drywall), we have implemented an action plan for building material shortages that include: ensuring that our customers always know what to expect with time lines, increasing the inventory that we keep in our warehouse, and ordering material much further in advance then we have in the past.

To date, these actions have resulted in great success as we have been able to keep projects on track from a budget stand point and on schedule.  Our Project Managers and other employees continue to do an excellent job of serving our customers, even during these turbulent times, and I thank each one for that. Our customers have been understanding and supportive as well, and I am grateful to each one for their continued business. I am optimistic for the future of the industry, and look forward to brighter days ahead”.

Benjamin Lewis, CEO, Tradesman Building Group  


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